Copenhagen Poker Run 2017

Copenhagen Poker Run 2017 is the largest Powerboat Event in Europe!

More than 60 powerboats are expected to attend and thousands of spectators will watch the boats from Port of Tuborg in Hellerup, north of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Poker Run is an organized event where participants use their powerboats to collect playing cards at different locations in Øresund. The powerboat with the best poker hand wins. All the powerboats will arrive in Port of Tuborg in the afternoon, where many activities will take place for the audience.

Have you ever wondered what 60,000 horsepower sounds like?

Come and discover some of the fastest boats in Europe! It will also be possible to take a closer look at luxury cars and helicopters. Port of Tuborg is open to the public and ENTRANE IS FREE.

Date: Saturday July 1st
Location: Port of Tuborg (Tuborg Havn)
Tuborg Havnepark 15, 2900 Hellerup


3:00 pm Port is open to the public
3:30 pm 60 powerboats arrive in Port of Tuborg
4:15 pm Powerboat show
5:15 pm Speed tests in 3 boat classes
6:00 pm Powerboats will be exhibited for the audience

During the afternoon:

Ferrari will show some of their newest sports cars
Rockstar Energy Drink will present their newest Formula 4 racing car
Watergames will give you the chance to win a certificate of proficiency in yachting

It will be possible to buy food and beverage at the location.

9:30 pm you once again have the opportunity to listening to the sound of 60,000 horsepower when we present: Gentlemen start your engines

We highly recommend you to park your car in Waterfront Shopping, or even better ride your bike to Port of Tuborg.

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Copenhagen Poker Run will see a major change this year! We have changed the event destination to the exclusive Port of Tuborg in Hellerup, north of Copenhagen. The reason for this change is that we need larger marine facility to accommodate the growth of this event. This year we will host a small preparty in Copenhagen on June 30th (the evening before Copenhagen Poker Run). And if the weather is good we will also arrange a joined lunch July 2nd.

Programme for participants in the powerboats:

7:30 am – Arrival at Islands Brygge in Port of Copenhagen
8:00 am – Welcome and breakfast
9:30 am – Drivers meeting
10:00 am – Departure from Islands Brygge
12:00 noon – Lunch at Flakfortet
2:00 pm – Departure from Flakfortet
3:30 pm – Arrival at Port of Tuborg
4:15 pm – Powerboat Show
5:15 pm – Speed tests in 3 boat classes
7:30 pm – Dinner and party in Port of Tuborg
9.30 pm – Gentlemen start your engines
10.15 pm – Award ceremony and poker prizes
11.30 pm – Firework show
Party with DJ and surprise live-acts continue all night


Video from Copenhagen Poker Run 2016

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